Our Range of Manufactured Globe Valves

Our Globe Valve bolted cover (bonnet) outside screw where the actuating thread of the spindle (stem) is exterior to the cover with inlet & outlet flanged supplied as a stop (screw lift) isolating valve or screw down non return (SDNR) regulating flow valve.

Globe Valve Types & our Fig. numbers:

• Globe Straight Pattern, Fig. 181,280,133
• Globe Angle 90° Pattern, Fig. 182,281,133L
• Globe Oblique 45° Pattern, Fig. BV203, BV307

Material selection supplied to suit line application, pressure & temperature ratings as specified in international standards.

Line Media:
• Wet / Saturated Steam
• Condensate
• High Temperature Hot Water
• Medium Temperature Hot Water
• Low Temperature Hot Water
• Cold Clean

Water Operation:
Globe Valves have the most reliable form of seat & lid (disc) which together with the variety of materials available make them very suitable for difficult conditions where control & isolation is necessary or when frequent operation is required. It is also easy to maintain the seat & lid on the globe valve.

• Boiler and main steam vents and drains
• Feedwater or feed systems
• Cold Water systems