Our History…


  • Founded in 1847 by Sydney Smith who sprang to prominence in the engineering world as the original inventor and first patentee (22nd May 1847, Patent No. 11711) of the steam pressure gauge.
  • This important invention received the warmest support from George Stephenson, the eminent locomotive engineer.
  • The patent enabled Sydney Smith to start the manufacture of gauges and later valves and fittings at Forest Terrace, Hyson Green, Nottingham, which continued at this address until 1882 when Sydney died.
  • In the early years Sydney’s two eldest sons Joseph and Samuel greatly helped their father in testing his many inventions, and he soon employed his eldest sons in turn.
  • The Firm’s name was changed to Smith Brothers and Company in 1862 and Sydney retired in 1864 handing the business on to four of his sons, Joseph, Samuel, Isaac and William, and also to John Miller his son-in-law.
  • However, a disagreement on policy in the early 1880s led to three of the brothers eventually severing their connections with the business, and in 1882, Samuel, Isaac and William re-established themselves at the Basford Works, Egypt Road, Nottingham under the name of Sydney Smith and Sons, and Smith Brothers and Company moved from Forest Terrace to Bobbers Mill Road, Nottingham.
  • By 1889 the Firm under the able management of John Miller Junior, had expanded into larger premises at Bobbers Mill and was exporting worldwide.
  • The Company passed from the Smith family but continued to trade as Smith Brothers and Company. Hyson Green, Limited after incorporation in 1906 and then as Smith Dennis Limited from 1962, taking the name from H.W. Dennis Limited, an associate Company from the early 1920s, which had been responsible for introducing Smith Bros. to the manufacture of high pressure valves for oilfields and refineries.
  • In 1973 the company was acquired by the Pegler Hattersley Group.SYDNEY SMITH AND SONS
  • Established in 1882 by three of Sydney Smith’s sons, Samuel, Isaac and William, to manufacture gauges, valves and fittings.
  • The Company was incorporated in 1906 and continued as Sydney Smith and Sons (Nottingham) Ltd. at Egypt Road and later in the 1950s at Lenton Lane, Nottingham, under the management of the descendants of Isaac and William Smith.
  • In 1961 the Company was acquired by Newman Hender Limited which was later taken over by the Pegler Hattersley Group in 1969.J. S. SMITH LIMITED
  • Founded in 1893 by Joseph Samuel Smith, a grandson of Sydney Smith, who was a member of the firm of Smith Bros. and company before commencing business at 30 Parliament Street, Nottingham and later of Goldsmith Place and St. James Street, Nottingham.
  • In 1948 under the management of Reginald Smith, Chairman, and Peter Smith, Managing Director, the Company purchased land and works on Cinderhill Road, Bulwell, Nottingham and moved from Goldsmith Place, and also later from St. James Street to this works, which had been fitted with all the necessary machinery for making the numerous valves and fittings required for the home and export markets.
  • In 1965 Peter Smith, Joseph Samuel’s grandson, sold the business to the Bells Asbestos and Engineering Group of Companies and continued as Managing Director.THE PETER SMITH VALVE COMPANY
  • On January 1st 1969, Peter Smith bought back part of the business, and with twenty four former employees of J.S.Smith Ltd established The Peter Smith Valve Company, moving to the present address at Occupation Road, to manufacture small to medium size valves for the United Kingdom and export markets.
  • In 1971 Peter Smith died, aged 49, and now his son Nick Smith, Managing Director, with a management team and workforce carries on the proud tradition of valve manufacture that was started over 150 years ago by Sydney Smith.