Our Range of Manufactured Globe Valves

Our Globe Valve bolted cover (bonnet) outside screw where the actuating thread of the spindle (stem) is exterior to the cover with inlet & outlet flanged supplied as a stop (screw lift) isolating valve or screw down non return (SDNR) regulating flow valve.

Globe Valve Types & our Fig. numbers:

• Globe Straight Pattern, Fig. 181,280,133
• Globe Angle 90° Pattern, Fig. 182,281,133L
• Globe Oblique 45° Pattern, Fig. BV203, BV307

Material selection supplied to suit line application, pressure & temperature ratings as specified in international standards.

Line Media:
• Wet / Saturated Steam
• Condensate
• High Temperature Hot Water
• Medium Temperature Hot Water
• Low Temperature Hot Water
• Cold Clean

Water Operation:
Globe Valves have the most reliable form of seat & lid (disc) which together with the variety of materials available make them very suitable for difficult conditions where control & isolation is necessary or when frequent operation is required. It is also easy to maintain the seat & lid on the globe valve.

• Boiler and main steam vents and drains
• Feedwater or feed systems
• Cold Water systems

PED 2014/68/EU Update

March 2017 – 2014/68/EU

We can confirm the additional certificate to the New Pressure Equipment Regulation is now available,

in the approvals section off the main toolbar on the home screen for customer download should there be a customer requirement.