PED 2014/68/EU Update

March 2017 – 2014/68/EU

We can confirm the additional certificate to the New Pressure Equipment Regulation is now available,

in the approvals section off the main toolbar on the home screen for customer download should there be a customer requirement.

Introducing the New Peter Smith Valve Block & Bleed System

The new FIG 640 Double Block and Bleed Unit is fitted as a Drain, Vent or Bleed between two lockable Valves

This System can be used for isolation to make way for maintenance, to relieve trapped fluids / condensate, or to check the integrity of the Valve Seating in line or for end of line service.

The product can be supplied as a built up assembly or in kit form for site assembly, the unit can also be supplied as a modification to existing Valves in line on site.

The product is now available to purchase, for price and delivery requirements please contact